Welcome to the survey on the need of a funding scheme for culture in the Danube Region in the framework of the Danube Culture Platform Interreg project. The aim is to collect knowledge and sense the need for a potential funding scheme for artists and culture institutions in the Danube Region.

CultPlatForm_21 LogoThe Danube Culture Platform follows a cultural – touristic approach with the aim of supporting and expanding cultural routes. The European Institute for Cultural Routes is an important partner in this process. The project is on the way to discover hidden heritage and to convey historic places and events by means of contemporary arts and new technologies to an international audience.

European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.The project is looking for response to manifold themes: the development of new destinations along the Danube (tourism), the interpretation of historic places and events in a contemporary way (culture), the experience of culture (international audience / tourists). The project has received the label of the European Commission as a relevant project on culture and / or creative industries for the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

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